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Driver Training

Our driver training instructors offer C1 Driver training packages or Medium Goods Licenses through a series of 1, 2 and day packages. If you passed your test after 1 January 1997 You will not automatically have C1 on your license.

A C1 license enables you to drive vehicles greater than 3500kg but no more than 7500kg. This is often required to drive vehicles in varies industries including the ambulance sector, certain horse carrying vehicles and much more.

Our Instructors have years of experience delivering high quality driver training and we can offer a free driving assessment to ensure you get the correct driving course to match your driving experience.

C1 Licence Step By Step Guide

Step 1

You first need to send off for your provisional C1 licence, you will also need a medical. The medical can be sourced at your own GP but costs vary.

Order the correct forms from DVLA. (You need the D2/D4 Pack)

Order Pack Here

Step 2

Fill out the D2 form and get your GP or approved medical provider to fill in the D4 form, send off both the forms as detailed.

You will receive your licence back from DVLA and it will look the same, you can check you have the C1 entitlement on it by clicking here.

Check your license here

Step 3

Revise then take your Theory and Hazard Perception. The DVSA Learning zone is very useful.

Practice Theory 

View Practice Tests Here

Practice Hazard Perception

Visit the DVSA Learning Zone

Book your tests (Part 1a and 1b)

Book your tests here

Step 4

As soon as you have passed your theory tests you can be booked on your practical test.

C1 Driver Training Price List

All training is based from CIPHER HQ in Hartlepool and prices are inclusive of DVLA test fees at £115.

C1 Driver Training

The C1 driving licence is required to drive most emergency ambulances. Most Ambulance Services require you to have the LGV C1 entitlement.

The LGV C1 licence is for drivers who passed their car driving test after January 1st 1997 and wish to drive a van or rigid medium goods vehicle with a MAM over 3500kg and up to 7500kg. (most emergency ambulances).

Our C1 driver training vehicle is a Peugeot Boxer L4 it has the advantage of being small and manoeuvrable, with simple controls, brakes and gears, whilst meeting all DSA requirements to gain your LGV C1 Licence.

Course Requirements

Aged 18 and over with no more than 6 penalty points and hold a provisional LGV C1 licence and passed the LGV theory tests.

CIPHER Medical C1 Driver Trainee

C1 Driver Training 1 day (5 hours instruction) £495+VAT

Lesson and test in one day (1 to 1 training)

You will receive approximately 5 hours practical driving instruction with your test at the end of the
training. This course is suited to experienced drivers who ideally have had some experience driving a
larger vehicle.

The day will start at approximately 07:30.

This course is for one student.

C1 Driver Training 2 Day Course (10 Hours) £795+VAT

Training over two days with the test on day two (1 to 1 training).

This course is suitable for someone who feels they may require a bit extra training or lacks
experience in larger vehicles.

You will receive approximately 9 hours training over the two days with your test on day 2.

C1 Driver Training 3 Day Course (18 hours) £1250 + VAT (1 Student)

Training provided for 1 student over three days with the tests on day 3.

Ideal for someone with limited experience who requires additional support or wishes to learn at a
steadier pace.

C1 Driver Training 3 Day Course (18 hours) £1250 + VAT

Training for up to two students together over three days with the tests on day 3.

This course can be split with two students to reduce the cost or suitable for a new driver with no
experience driving larger vehicles. Cost per student £625+VAT.

C1 Driver Re-Test £285+VAT

Should you not pass first time we can offer a retest, this includes your test fee and two-hour practice
prior to the test.

Coached Lesson (Ambulance service pre assessment drive)

1-hour Drive £37.50+VAT
2-hour Drive £66.67+VAT

This is suitable for people who will be undertaking a pre-employment assessment drive and would like some experience driving a larger vehicle and suitable coaching to help minimise bad habits.

You require your C1 Provisional for this but do not have to have passed your theory.

Contact us for more information and support in helping you obtain your C1 Medium Goods Vehicle License

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