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Simbodies and Simsleeves Products

Simbodies Adult

SIMBODIES are a lifelike simulated patient tool used by educators and clinicians for medical education training. They have the look and feel of real skin, and are weighted accurately with movable limbs. They are produced from skin safe, Prosthetic Grade Platinum Silicone which gives a flexible and real skin like appearance. SIMBODIES also have clinical capabilities, including an accurate life cast cadaver airway with jaw and teeth. All SIMBODIES are hand created, replicating realistic skin texture, colour, body hair and eyes; which makes the simulation experience immersive and realistic.

About Adult Simbodies

Simbodies Child

The SIMBODIES Child has all the same benefits of an adult SIMBODIES whilst having the changes in weight and other key features to ensure it replicates the child to enhance your simulation.

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Simbodies Baby

The SIMBODIES Baby otherwise known as SIMBABY has all the expected features of a 9 month old baby, can be used for ALS and other training and provides the extra edge to your simulation experience in this area.

About Baby Simbodies


SIMSLEEVES are produced from skin safe, Prosthetic Grade, Platinum Silicone made to look and feel like skin. They are flexible and elasticated and can be easily washed and reused, allowing for a quick and robust simulation effect. All sleeves are handmade to order, sized as a medium adult fit and come in a pale flesh tone as standard, with other skin tones available as required. The SIMSLEEVES add real flexibility to your simulation experience and can be used on SIMBOIDES & People.

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Simsuits, Simpants, Simasks

SIMSUIT, SIMMASK and SIMPANTS are preformed skin safe, prosthetic grade, platinum silicone suits, creating unique casualty simulation. They are suitable to be used on actors, SIMBODIES and other manikins.

A quick simulation effect that is comfortable, easy to put on and with built in realistic wounds. They are flexible and elasticated and can be easily washed and reused. All suits are handmade to order, sized as medium adult with Velcro or hook and loop fastening.

About Simsuits, Simpants, Simasks

The video shows the adult SIMBODIE being used in a clinical scenario.

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