iTClamp – Single

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iTClamp – Single

iTClamp single for innovative haemorrhage control.



What’s Included:

  • 1 x iTClamp


In emergency situations you don’t have time to hold pressure to control bleeding, you need to assess and take care of your patient as a whole. Introducing an innovative breakthrough in haemorrhage control, the iTClamp®controls bleeding in the scalp, neck, extremities, axilla and groin in seconds without the need for continued direct pressure.

The device seals the edges of a wound closed stop bleeding until the wound can be sutured or surgically repaired. Research shows the iTClamp to be superior to wound packing in terms of patient survival, survival time and total blood loss.1

Applied in seconds with minimal pain to the patient, the iTClamp is ideal for emergency medical personnel.2

1 Filips D, Logsetty S, Tan J et al. The iTClamp controls junctional bleeding in a lethal swine exsanguination model. Prehospital Emergency Care 2013;17:526–532.

2 Based on multiple patients and healthy human volunteer feedback.

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