#Medsnippets Episode 1: Teaching kids & Adults CPR using CPR Feedback

20 Feb 2017 7:41 PM | Andy Thomas (Administrator)

In our first #Medsnippet we show how using CPR feedback can make it easier to quickly teach both adults and kids CPR.  Although teaching as many people CPR as possible is essential we should also be focusing on methods to ensure that we improve quality.

CPR Feedback is essential to ensuring both professionals and lay rescuers perform high quality CPR by providing the provider feedback and support. In the video below we use the ZOLL X Series but this technology is also available in AEDs such as the ZOLL AED 3. 

So I hope you found the video Useful and of some value.  Its aim is two fold. Firstly, to show how easy it can be to teach CPR using feedback technology, and secondly, the importance CPR feedback technology in supporting high quality CPR in resuscitation situations.

Many thanks 

Andy Thomas 

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