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HALO Services

CIPHER Medical has significant experience in providing clinical HALO services with robust policies and governance to provide a patient focused service. The HALO service has been designed to reduce pressure on both ambulance crews and emergency department staff by facilitating handover during peak demands, which is a cost effective solution for accident and emergency departments under pressure.

The HALO service enables triage, assessment, monitoring and care to be delivered by bridging the care gap between ambulance arrival and the patient being safely cared for by the emergency department team. By reducing the pressures during peak demand the HALO reduces pressure on clinicians already managing busy workloads, improves patient safety, and provides a better patient experience. Therefore, providing a seamless care process from pre-hospital to hospital-based care.

We use the below key principles to deliver this care:


We take handover directly from ambulance crews, providing initial triage reducing pressure on the emergency department and making more ambulance crews available.


We conduct the initial patient assessment, identify early priorities and can start the patient care pathway local to the needs of individual emergency departments.


Whilst waiting for emergency department availability the HALO provides continued regular monitoring, observations and increasing patient safety during this phase of care.


Continuing both the care received prior to hospital arrival and commencing the hospital-based care process, the HALO provides individual patient focused care.

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