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Event Medical Services

CIPHER Medical provides various event medical support, event first aid and other event health care solutions to a wide variety of sporting and social events in the North East, North West, Yorkshire and around the UK. Our event first aid and medical teams include First Aiders, Paramedics, Nurses, Physiotherapist’s and Doctors. CIPHER Medical have a range of highly qualified and experienced event health care professionals ready to cover your event. For larger or high-risk events, we can also provide enhanced care teams with expertise in critical and pre-hospital emergency medicine. These teams would be ideal to compliment larger events such as marathons, airshows and other large gatherings or events with higher risk of injuries. No matter how big or small, from local to national events here at CIPHER Medical we will be able to provide your event first aid or event medical solution.

Event First Aid

We provide a wide range of event first aid options, including support to small local village fetes, through to larger events such as cross-boundary and national running and cycling events, and mass crowd festival and arena support. Our team of professional event first aiders will be on hand to deal with all of your event first aid needs, or as part of our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals including paramedics, nurses and doctors.

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Our fleet of ambulances can be used to provide first aid and onsite medical care at your events and are fully equipped to the highest of standards. These can be staffed with Paramedics, Ambulance Technicians and Emergency Care Assistants to ensure the correct skill level is present onsite to deliver the right care. Our teams are all extensively trained and can provide off site routine and blue light emergency transfers, to deliver the safest and best possible care.

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Rapid Response Vehicles

We can provide extensively equipped Rapid Response Vehicles to your events staffed by Paramedics, Advanced Practitioners or Ambulance Technicians. This flexible resource is used in many different roles from smaller gatherings as a solo response vehicle or as part of a larger response to running events such as marathons. Equipped with the highest standard of medical kit and staff to ensure the safest and most effective care delivery.

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4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Response

Our off road 4×4 ambulances are fully equipped with stretchers and high-quality medical equipment, in addition to having specially fitted all terrain tyres to ensure the vehicles can access the most difficult and remote locations. Our specially trained medical teams with experience at events such as Tough Mudder, and all terrain cycling sportive’s. These teams have both the driving and medical knowledge to provide exceptional care and extrication of patients in the most difficult of environments and locations. These can be staffed with Ambulance Technicians, Paramedics, Doctors and enhanced care teams to ensure a range of health care delivery from basic ambulance support to advanced critical care.

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Cycle Response Units

We can provide all levels of First Aid and Medical Cycle Response Units to your events from First Aid, Medical Responder, Technician and Paramedic response. These flexible and adaptable resources allow medical teams to get to patients quickly and over longer distance that may be inaccessible to vehicles or slow on foot. Therefore, providing a valuable and life-saving service when the need arises.

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Medical Treatment Facilities

We can supply our Medical Treatment Facilities from a small first aid post to a fully manned field hospital depending on your event size. We provide Doctor led facilities that can include resuscitation bays, majors treatment areas, see and treat services and provide onsite wound closure treatment and much more. Whether you require a small first aid post or one of our larger specialised facilities, which can include our teams of first aiders, Doctors, Nurses, Advanced Practitioners and Physiotherapist’s we can provide your ideal clinical solutions.

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Clinical Director or Consultancy Services

Our team has a range of vast experience in delivering safe, cost effective and high-quality medical event care or event first aid. We can provide a service in which we appoint you a clinical director to manage and oversee your event medical or first aid provision. This is a very popular and safe way to gain external expert guidance to ensure your event provides the correct and safe level of medical care.

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