Event Medical Cover

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Looking for expert medical cover for your event? Then look no further than CIPHER Medical.

We’re leading the industry when it comes to Event Medical Cover; delivering the highest standards of medical, first aid and ambulance cover for events held across the country.

As a professional CQC registered organisation, we provide a wide range of services to suit all sorts of requirements – helping you to deliver the perfect events safely.

Clinical Medical Cover for All Types of Events

From local village fetes and family fun days to high-risk sporting events, marathons and crowds in the thousands – we cover it all! We’re highly flexible when it comes to the types of events we cover; as long as it can be done safely, we’ll happily cover it.

What is Event Medical Cover?

Our Event Medical Cover services are extensive. Everything from handing out plasters for blisters and painkillers for minor injuries, all the way to dealing with major traumas and cardiac arrests.

The type of cover we provide is dictated by a number of factors, including the number of people attending, type of event, location, type of audience, etc. Once we know what’s involved, we’ll provide the required services – whether that’s a single ambulance, a single-unit medical tent, or an entire field hospital!

Our dedicated team is made up of Medical Responders, Emergency Care Assistants, Technicians, Paramedics, Emergency Nurses, Advanced Practitioners, Sports Therapists, Emergency Doctors, and Logistics, as well as Clinical Managers who can undertake the role of an Event Commander if required.

All highly qualified, thoroughly experienced and extremely passionate about delivering the best possible clinical care to those that need it.

Medical Cover Tailored to Your Events

Thanks to years of experience, we know that no event is the same. This is why we work with you to create an in-depth risk assessment and plan that we then use to determine the appropriate level of medical cover needed for your event to go ahead safely.

Our plan can then be used to prove to local authorities that you have the correct level of medical cover in place for the event to go ahead, reducing the burden on you and your local NHS resources, while increasing the likelihood of your events being approved.

CIPHER: Your Event Medical Cover Providers

Looking for a quote for an upcoming event? We’d love to help!

Whatever the size, whatever the location, whatever the type of event – we can provide the perfect medical event cover for you.

Speak to our team now on 01642 265220 to discuss your requirements, or send them over to events@ciphermedical.com today.

What makes cipher medical different from other medical services?
Premium Personal Care

We're passionate about patient care. Our team are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of clinical care to the event medical industry

1:1 Bespoke Packages

We know that no two events are the same, that's why we offer bespoke medical cover packages to suit your needs.

Professional Medical Cover

Our team is made up of Medical Responders, Technicians, Paramedics, Emergency Nurses, Doctors & more.

Proven Track Record

Our exceptionally high standards have earned us plenty of 5-star reviews and partnerships with well-known events across the country.

Medical Cover Tailored to You

After completing a thorough Risk Assessment, we'll know exactly what you need to carry out your event safely.

Transparent Pricing

We're here to help relieve the stress of Events, so you'll never find any hidden charges or additional costs for our services.


We keep all of our ambulances fully stocked at all times, ready to deal with whatever comes our way at your events.

Rapid Response Vehicles

We can provide extensively equipped Rapid Response Vehicles to your events staffed by Paramedics, Advanced Practitioners or Ambulance Technicians.

Off-Road Ambulance Response

Our off road 4×4 ambulances are fully equipped and ideal for events in remote locations or difficult terrain.

Cycle Response Units

We can provide all levels of First Aid and Medical Cycle Response Units to your events from First Aid, Medical Responder, Technician and Paramedic response.

Medical Treatment Facilities

We can supply our Medical Treatment Facilities from a small first aid post to a fully manned field hospital depending on your event size.

We’re proud to have partnered with...

“We are really excited to be working with CIPHER medical. The CIPHER team brings with them a wealth of experience and knowledge and will be working closely with us to provide top class medical cover at our events. CIPHER are an innovative and exciting company that allows Tough Mudder to adapt quickly to change while also ensuring the safety of our participants”

Liz Fisher, European Operations Director, Tough Mudder.

On a very cold February weekend, Andy and Chris, Managing Director and Head of Education for CIPHER Medical Consultancy were invited to Woodlore, the first School of Wilderness and Bushcraft established by Ray Mears in 1983.

The expert instructors at Woodlore teach bushcraft skills such as shelter building, fire starting, tree and plant recognition and much more, such as navigation skills, wilderness survival and cooking with wild food. Although delegates are closely supervised and expertly tutored, as with any responsible company working with members of the public it is important that their tutors are trained in first aid and essential life-saving skills.

“We take our medical cover very seriously, and the well-being of our runners is paramount to the success of our events. Working with CIPHER medical ensures we have the highest standards of medical care onsite, based on quality care for all runners.”

Steve Cram CBE, Events Of The North.
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