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Sports Therapy Services

Sports / Physical therapy is an effective treatment that can include sports therapy strategies, remedial massages and total rehabilitation to aid sporting performance and effective recovery.

Are you suffering from neck or back pain or in need of a programme to maximise your core movement and function? Get in touch with our team here at CIPHER Medical based in the North East.

What is Physical Sports Therapy?

Physical Sports Therapy is commonly used for musculoskeletal injuries, pre and post competitive activity (such as the preparation and recovery) and the overall improvement in sporting performance. Sports Therapy can also play a key part in injury prevention so is essential therapy for athletes looking to improve their overall performance and longevity in the activity.

CIPHER Medical, based in the North East UK, are specialists in Sports Therapy with practitioners trained with years of experience ready to find the best solution for you.

What we can provide:

Here in the North East, as physical therapy treatment is often reliant on the individuals needs, CIPHER Medical deliver comprehensive assessments to discuss various treatment methods to ensure the solution is right for you and your requirements.

CIPHER Medical are qualified sports therapists with extensive experience in the industry supporting athletes from a range of backgrounds and activities. Throughout the consultation, a programme will be devised to improve the movement and function to the injured area and also offer advice on how to avoid injury in future.

Whether you are an athlete or not, physical therapy can be recommended to anyone to help, improve and maintain health and physical performance. It is not essential to partake in physical / sporting activities to benefit from these treatments, day to day stresses can place substantial strain on the body form personal, work and postural related dysfunction in which all can be treated effectively.

How do I book my North East Sports Therapy Treatment?

Use our simple booking process below to book a session with our physiotherapists. We operate in the North East of England from our base in Stockton on Tees, supporting many athletes with their rehabilitation and recovery to ensure they perform at their best. Book now to see how we can help you.

We’re proud to have partnered with...

“We are really excited to be working with CIPHER medical. The CIPHER team brings with them a wealth of experience and knowledge and will be working closely with us to provide top class medical cover at our events. CIPHER are an innovative and exciting company that allows Tough Mudder to adapt quickly to change while also ensuring the safety of our participants”

Liz Fisher, European Operations Director, Tough Mudder.

On a very cold February weekend, Andy and Chris, Managing Director and Head of Education for CIPHER Medical Consultancy were invited to Woodlore, the first School of Wilderness and Bushcraft established by Ray Mears in 1983.

The expert instructors at Woodlore teach bushcraft skills such as shelter building, fire starting, tree and plant recognition and much more, such as navigation skills, wilderness survival and cooking with wild food. Although delegates are closely supervised and expertly tutored, as with any responsible company working with members of the public it is important that their tutors are trained in first aid and essential life-saving skills.

“We take our medical cover very seriously, and the well-being of our runners is paramount to the success of our events. Working with CIPHER medical ensures we have the highest standards of medical care onsite, based on quality care for all runners.”

Steve Cram CBE, Events Of The North.

“I have seen the CIPHER Medical team work at various events this year and I have been astounded at the high quality and professional way they conduct themselves. Whether it is, a first aider simply encouraging participants at an event or a paramedic attending to a serious injury, CIPHER Medical have been outstanding. It was a ‘no-brainer’ that we asked them to be our sole medical provider and so far I am not disappointed. The attention to detail and planning CIPHER Medical provide is second to none”

James, Head of Operations, Velo 29.
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