Introduction to CIPHER Medical Education Zone by Andy Thomas

7 Feb 2017 9:20 PM | Andy Thomas (Administrator)


Welcome to the first blog post by the team at CIPHER Medical.  The aim of this blog is to give you a little understanding about who and what we are.  My name is Andy Thomas and I am the founder and managing director of CIPHER Medical.  My background is as a paramedic with 18 years military experience in the Royal Air Force.  I left the MOD a little over 12 months ago and started CIPHER Medical.  I work clinical on the Critical Care Ambulance Response Unit (CCARU) with the North-East Ambulance.  In addition, I chair the Paramedic Advisory Group for the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.  I have various other roles including chairing the regional BASICS scheme within the north east and I hope I can use my experience and that of others to bring you some exciting blogs, #medsnippets and other free clinical educations materials through the CIPHER Education Zone.


CIPHER Medical is a company and it does operate for profit.  I aim to keep the education zone aspect of the website an area free from business priorities and just have it as an area that reflects my passion for quality pre-hospital care.


The aim of this education zone is to provide a medical education area with various resources.  This will include but not be limited to the following:

Blog posts – From both myself and various key figures within pre-hospital care to provide you with various information and clinical developments.

#Medsnippets – This will be short educational videos that will last below 10 minutes in duration.  The aim of this is to allow people to engage with educational material, not be bogged down in long learning and in effect give you education in small bit size snippets.  The content will be various and our first episode will be teaching CPR to kids.  We had great fun recording this and we will be releasing this toward the end of February:

Webinars – We will produce educational webinars that people can watch live or watch recordings later.  Again this will have a range of speakers and topics.  We will work with our partners at CPDme to bring these webinars and would welcome anyone who wishes to conduct a webinar to give us a shout.

I will be conducting the first webinar on Pitcrew resuscitation and you can book on for free via this link Webinars.

Product Review – Medical progress cannot be made without innovation, research and development by the companies involved in medical kit and equipment.  Not all products end up having a place but our aim is to review products and give some feedback on what we think.  Again this will involve various bits of kit and our reviews may take on various formats.


So our aims, disclosures and education vision is above for the CIPHER Education Zone We welcome other people who have something to share through our blog, #medsnippets, webinars or even product review.

We aim to engage in none traditional formats, embrace social media and contect both within the UK and globally.  Where we have any commercial interest this will be declared.  But we will still form our honest clinical beliefs.

We hope people will join us on our journey and we aim for the CIPHER Education Zone to give something back.

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Andy Thomas

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